Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A reply to my previous blog post - This is why I do what I do :'D

Response to my previous blog post: Inside the Coon: The Video Editor

From timburtonlover369
"You know, I've never really been to blogspot, so I'm glad it was your blog that introduced me to it. When I was introduced to your channel and your videos, I didn't picture you the kind of person to take notice of the less experienced, but it all makes sense to me now.

I have read your blog in its entirety, and it made me both happy to see how much you care for other people with the same interests and kinda guilty that I haven't replied to hardly any of your comments on my videos, because now I know what they mean and I appreciate them all the more. And I'm proud to say that though it was a really odd and repetitive song, I sat through the entire Invader Zim MV. I took it in and I watched where the cuts were made and where the transitions were placed. I can even see in your older ones that you already had the concept of timing and keeping your clips flowing, even if they didn't keep the viewer interested for the entire duration of the song.

Reading your 7 year rise to pro editing skills really made me see how someone like you can start out just like I did. Sometimes I look at your new videos(which you just keep continuing to get better at, by the way) and I think to myself "I could never get to this level of skill", but I was amazed at how many similarities I could see in our progress. Since I discovered my passion for it at a very young age(and at least a year or two before I had ever seen editing software of ANY kind), I had to go through several stages of trial and error to even start making videos with the right kind of file formats. XD I had so many ambitions that could not be carried out, but I used the software that I had to the fullest and was even putting several video ideas on hold until I could utilize my ideas better. So when you offered me Sony Vegas late last year, it was like a powder keg going off. Finally, I could accomplish all those concepts that had been floating around in my head for years! I know it doesn't seem all that impressive from an outside perspective, but I made that "Take It All Away" video in 1/9 the time it took to make my first major 9 video back in August 2010. This is probably the biggest stride I've ever made in my road through editing, and for that I can't thank you enough.

Since I'm only 15 I'd like to wait until I can tack on 2-4 years more of experience(which I'm sure will just fly by) with the Sony Vegas, but you've encouraged me to start writing down my own story while the memories are still clear. You're an inspiration Raiden, and it makes me happy that I've got at least one subscriber who's sticking with editing as long as I am. ^.^"

Raiden's Response:
"Jesus Mel! :'D this means a LOT to me! My smile kept growing the further I read! You have no idea how this tugged at my heart. I feel honored in both having been a inspiration and to have taken part in your editing journey. Giving you Vegas is a day I'll never regret!

Your "Take it All Away" video still amazes me and always will. It was edited with such grace and passion! You also seem to be adapting to Vegas faster than I did. That's an incredible sign! ;)

I'm so looking forward to reading your story when you have it written :3 I'm sure it's going to be an insightful and inspirational one! :D"

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