The Human
Name: Allison B. Fritzler
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 03/31/1992
Profession: IT Technician - CompTIA A+ Certified as of 03/30/2011
Occupation: Currently Unemployed/Job Hunting
Hobbies: Gaming, Computers/Technology, Video Editing, Music & Music Production

The Raccoon
Purpose: Online Persona/Fursona, Embodies all of my mental traits, My Mascot
Name: Raiden B. Raccoon
Nicknames/Aliases: Rai, Coon, Shadow, Shadowthahedgehog
Gender: Male
Species: Raccoon/Wolf Mix
Date of Birth: 03/31/1990
Permanent age: 25 yrs
Sexuality: Bi

Images of Raiden